September 2021

ACA Car Interior

How to Clean Your Car’s Interior ACA Helps Keep Your Car Clean In California, your car is essential to your life. What that means is that plenty of us end up living out of our cars, with all the mess and clutter that entails. Here are some handy homemade tips for cleaning your car’s interior. […]

ACA Storing Vehicle

How to Store Your Car During Long Trips Vehicle Maintenance While You Are Away If you’re taking an extended leave of absence, perhaps for college, military service or business out of town, your vehicle needs some special preparation. Of course this is only if you live on your own. If you live with a spouse […]

All About Automotive Belts

All About Automotive Belts Belt Replacement in Long Beach Belts are a component of vehicles that are easy to overlook. However, they are a critical part of the alternator, power steering pump, and water pump, in addition to other vehicle accessories. Vehicles utilize up to three different belts. V-Belts As the name suggests, these belts’ […]

Anticipate Engine Problems

Anticipate Engine Problems We work on all makes and models First of all, if the “Check Engine” light comes on, you can consider your engine problem anticipated and ready to be checked out. However, you’d like to be able to detect a problem with your engine before it becomes severe. These are some early warning […]

Automotive Filters

Automotive Filter Replacement Long Beach – Air, Oil & Fuel Filters Let ACA Quickly Change Your Automotive Filters It goes without saying that properly maintaining your vehicle will help it to run more efficiently and can even prevent major repairs or catastrophic failures. Replacing old or dirty filters is a simple yet critical component that […]

Causes Of Engine Failure

Causes of Engine Failure We Work On All Makes and Models As you put more miles on your engine, it is important to pay attention to the visible and audible signals that predict engine failure. A “Check Engine” light should never be ignored. It can be something as insignificant as a loose gas cap or […]

Checking Fluid Levels

The Importance of Checking Fluids At ACA We Service All Makes and Models There are several fluids that are absolutely essential to keeping your car running properly. Some lubricate the engine’s many moving parts, and others cool down or distribute heat that would otherwise damage your vehicle. Checking your fluids regularly can keep your car […]

Clean Battery

How to Clean Your Car Battery ACA Gives You Tips On Keeping Your Vehicle Battery Clean The oil that flows through your vehicle keeps all the moving parts in working order. It both insulates and protects the machine. Meanwhile, your car battery provides the juice that makes the moving parts go. If your car doesn’t […]

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