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Guide to Lakewood Oil Changes

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How often you need to get your oil changed is a topic that has seen much debate. The truth is, it depends. Some cars in some climates need more frequent oil changes than others. Driving in warm climates, like in Lakewood and the rest of Southern California, can extend the recommended interval between oil changes. Likewise, driving primarily on the highway, as many Lakewood residents do, can also mean that you need less frequent oil changes.

Unless you have one of the newer systems that tracks when your car needs an oil change and alerts you, determining how often you should get oil changes is really just a matter of guessing and checking. Start with the manufacturer’s suggested interval and work from there. Technicians at our Lakewood service center can help you figure out what’s right for your car.

When you schedule an oil change at our Lakewood service center, it helps to know what you are getting. Your oil change should include draining the old oil from your engine, replacing the oil filter, checking fluid levels throughout the car and checking belts and hoses for signs of degradation or looseness.

When you go to a complete auto service and repair shop like ACA Automotive for your oil change, your car can be seen and evaluated by our certified professionals on a regular basis. If any problem is detected, it will be attended to by expert mechanics. You don’t have that option when you choose a quick lube shop.