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Your car, truck or recreational vehicle’s carburetor is a finely tuned piece of machinery with the very important function of blending air and fuel in internal combustion engines. It must respond efficiently in all conditions including cold starts, hot starts, idling engines, acceleration, full throttle and high speed, while also limiting exhaust emissions. If the fuel to air mix is too rich or too lean, your engine could have problems operating like it should. When you have carburetor repair needs, don’t just trust anyone, choose the Long Beach carburetor repair experts at Advanced Computer Automotive.

At ACA Automotive, we also provide professional fuel injection services in Long Beach for newer cars without carburetors. Performing proper maintenance on your vehicle is an excellent way to help avoid costly repairs in the future. While parts do wear out over time, in many cases this can happen much sooner if the vehicle is not properly maintained. Your carburetor is no different.

  • Off-Idle Circuit
  • Open-Throttle Circuit
  • Power Valve
  • Accelerator Pump
  • Choke

Properly maintaining your vehicle will help it perform at optimum capability and can prevent costly repairs down the road. However, if you do need to have your carburetor repaired or replaced, the Long Beach carburetor repair specialists at ACA Automotive will make sure that the job is done right and get you back on the road. Give us a call at (562) 421-1905 for more information or to schedule an appointment.