Common Problems With Air Conditioning

Common Problems With Air Conditioning

Common Problems with Air Conditioning

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You’re off on a road trip to Palm Springs. The car is loaded, and the cooler is stocked. While driving away from mild coastal temperatures, you crank up the A/C only to discover no blessed cold air will flow through the vents. Don’t let this happen to you.

At the first signs of A/C problems, visit Advanced Computer Automotive where our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair your car’s air conditioning.

There are several common problems that can plague a vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Cool, but Not Cold Air

If the air flowing from the vents remains room temperature even when you crank up the A/C on high and turn it to the coldest option, there’s a problem. This can be a gradual progression from cold to warm, or an immediate change. A leaky vacuum, blower motor or compressor failing, or an evaporator or condenser that’s damaged or failing can cause the air to lose its coolness.

Cold to Warm

If an expansion valve becomes clogged or if leaks develop, the A/C can’t maintain a cold airflow. A compressor clutch that’s faulty or a blown fuse can also cause the air to lose its cool.

Weak Airflow

Cool air is present; it’s just too little to do any good. A loose hose could be the source of your problem, or the ventilation fan is shot. Mildew and mold in the evaporator core can also reduce the flow of air.

Foul Odor

Perhaps your problem isn’t that there’s no cold air, but rather than when you flip the switch, the A/C produces a horrible odor reminiscent of a sweaty gym locker room. An air cabin filter that is extremely dirty or old could be the culprit for the foul smell, or the source of the bad odor could be an evaporator case that’s moldy.

Written by ACA Automotive