Coolant Changes

Coolant Changes

Coolant Changes & Radiator Flushes Long Beach

When The Time Comes, Let ACA Take Care of Coolant Changes For You

Most drivers know that a vehicle’s oil should be changed about every 3,000 miles. Drivers are less knowledgeable, however, about when to change the other fluids in their cars. For the cooling system, antifreeze manufacturers recommend changing the coolant once every year, and some service manuals specify flushing and refilling the radiator every 24 months, regardless of mileage.

Far beyond the comforts afforded by allowing you to control the temperatures inside your vehicle, your car’s heating and cooling systems are essential in preventing you from breaking down due to the very high operating temperatures of our vehicle’s engine. Inspection for your auto’s cooling and heating systems is mainly crucial in the weeks prior to the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

However, it’s even wiser to check these systems every time you take your car in for routine check-up or basic vehicle maintenance. Each time you drive, your radiator uses coolant mixed with water to help lower temperatures in the engine system. The longer and the faster you drive, the higher the stress on the engine, which means temperatures there rise steeply increasing of the likelihood of your car overheating.

Because of the coolant’s crucial role in maintaining engine’s efficiency, you must keep your car equipped with the right coolant mixture, just as you’d select the appropriate type of gas. Like the other fluids your vehicle uses, coolant, too, tends to break down over time, which is why it should be replace intermittently.

When coolant breaks down, the stress on your radiator increases and your engine begins to run hotter than it should. Mineral deposits and other gunk begin to build up under the hood of your car, essentially reducing your vehicle’s overall performance. Prolonged use of bad coolant may also cause radiator damage, which means you will be replacing your radiator sooner than you should. How Often Should You Flush Your Coolant? The type of automobile you own and the weather conditions where you live will determine the frequency required for flushing the coolant.

If your area has moderate climates, then you can flush out your vehicle’s cooling system once a year. If, however, you where winters are harsh winters and/or summers are sizzling, then you may need to change your coolant mixture twice a year—at the start of summer and at the start of winter. Browse through your owner’s manual for more information on this matter. When the time comes, taking care of coolant changes is easy.

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