Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Cruise Control Repairs Long Beach CA

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Today’s vehicles are equipped with intelligent vehicle control systems which are able to self-manage many of their own operations. One such innovation is your car’s cruise control device. What is cruise control? Cruise control is a function on many automobiles that controls speed, relieving the driver of manual speed maintenance (accelerator pedal).

This mechanism increases the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and by setting the speed to under the limit, you are sure to avoid speeding tickets!

Problems With Cruise Control

Vehicle Speed Sensor Failure – Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) monitors the car’s speed by sending signals. When the vehicle speed sensor fails, it doesn’t receive signal information about vehicle speed making it useless. To determine whether or not your cruise control is not working as a result of this, examine the speedometer. If the cruise control and speedometer stop working simultaneously, then the culprit is VSS failure. In such a case, you must repair or replace the VSS.

Cruise Control Module Problems – The cruise control module (CMM) processes the signals it receives from the VSS, compares it with set speed value and controls the gas pedal. A blown fuse can result in functional failure of the CMM and consequently complete speed control failure. In such a case, repairing or replacing the CCM is the only way to restore the function of the cruise control.

Actuator Vacuum Diaphragm Leak – The cruise control actuator controls the gas pedal through a vacuum mechanism. If the vacuum diaphragm develops a leak, the control mechanism will fail, requiring you to fix the leak and restore the vacuum inside the actuator.

Throttle Linkage Breakdown – Throttle linkage connects the actuator and the gas pedal using metal chains. If they fail or break down, cruise control will stop working. Replacing the links will solve the problem.

Using cruise control for speed control comes with its share of risks. Use this function of your car carefully and for long drives. Diagnosing and repairing this equipment requires a lot of specialized machinery, to which, you may not have any access. Unless you possess the requisite expertise and tools, it is a job best left to the automotive repair professionals at ACA Automotive.

If you need a Long Beach cruise control repair shop, look no further than Advanced Computer Automotive. Located in Long Beach, California, we serve customers in Lakewood, Signal Hill and Seal Beach. Our team of ASE certified technicians are trained to perform all of the necessary repairs or replacement services for all makes and models of vehicles domestic or foreign, and we set the industry standard for customer service.

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