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The fuel pump is among one of the most vital parts of a vehicle or any other device that has an internal combustion engine. Its main function is to provide pressurized fuel to the engine of a vehicle. If the fuel pump is not properly supplying fuel to the engine, your car, truck, mini van or SUV will perform poorly or not at all. If this is the case, come see the Long Beach fuel pump repair experts at Advanced Computer Automotive.

There are two different types of fuel pumps:

Mechanical Fuel Pump: These fuel pumps are designed for cars with carburetors, as carburetors use a vacuum to carry fuel and air to the engine.

Electronic Fuel Pump: It uses injectors to directly transport fuel into the combustion chambers. This is done by car’s built-in computer. It is electronically controlled, so there are no vacuums.

For combustion to take place, it is important that the fuel should be supplied at high pressure to the fuel injectors, which transport it into the engine during every engine cycle.

If you are having issues with your vehicle hesitating, running poorly or having trouble accelerating, you could have a fuel pump issue. Like all mechanical parts, they will wear out over time and need to be replaced. At Advanced Computer Automotive, we can repair/replace your fuel pump so you can get back on the road.

Once you bring your vehicle to our automotive repair shop, we will quickly diagnose the issue with our state of the art diagnostic equipment. You will receive a fair quote for the repairs and all work will be performed by ASE certified technicians who use only manufacturer specified parts. The job will be done quickly and professionally without shortcuts, all at a fair price.

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