Gas Mileage Tips

Gas Mileage Tips

More Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

Common Misconceptions

The quality of the gas you put in your car depends on more than just your octane rating. There are many gas stations out there and some have more stringent standards than others. There are three things to bear in mind when choosing your gas station: 1) Does the station change its pump filters regularly? 2) Do they even have pump filters? and 3) Do they have the appropriate mix of alcohol and fuel?

These are all questions that you can ask a station attendant. Will these factors make a difference in your mileage? They certainly can, but how much will depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into getting the best deal possible.

There are a few “gas tip” lists out there that say you should never fill up if you see the tanker at the station. The reason given is that when the tanker refills the fuel tanks it stirs up a bunch of sediment and sludge that can clog your fuel system. Truth is, most modern stations have filters that block debris from getting into your tank. Anything that does get in will be too small to cause damage to your car.

Another common “tip” is that it’s better to pump gas in the morning when gas is cooler, the argument being that it’s denser and gives you more value for your volume. However, the giant underground tanks that contain the gasoline being pumped into your vehicle are like giant thermoses. Regardless of the temperature (or time of day) above ground, the temperature of the tanks remains pretty much the same.

Thankfully, now that we’ve cleared up these misconceptions, you can feel free to refuel at any time of day and whether the tanker is at the station or not.

Written by ACA Automotive