Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage

Improving Fuel Mileage Long Beach

ACA Helps Motorists Get The Most Out Of Their Vehicle

California motorists have been paying some of the highest fuel prices in the nation for years. Additionally with the amount of traffic on Southern California roadways, gas mileage becomes an even greater concern.

If you believe your vehicle is experiencing poor gas mileage, our Long Beach auto repair shop has some helpful tips that can help improve your gas mileage. Here are some ways that you can help improve your gas mileage.

Track Your Mileage – It is important to establish an initial baseline. Set your trip odometer to 0 during your next fill up. Run your tank down to empty (don’t run out of gas in the process) and divide the total number of miles driven by the number of gallons your tank will hold. If you own a vehicle that warns you when you are low on gas, find out where that level is. Many newer models can track that for you. You then need to find out what the manufacturer specs are for the vehicle. Remember that there are two different categories, highway driving with minimal traffic and city driving. The number for city driving is the lower of the two numbers because of constant stopping and starting.

Remove Roof Racks – Roof racks are great devices for extra store on long trips but they can kill your gas mileage due to aerodynamic drag. Most automobiles are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Placing a large object in the middle of the area of airflow will create drag and cause resistance.

Ease Off the Lead Foot – It is no big secret that faster you drive, the harder your engine has to work and the more fuel that it needs. Slowing down just a bit can help contribute to better gas mileage.

Properly Inflate Tires – Low or high tire pressure is another mileage killer. Tires are designed with a specific PSI for tire pressure. If the tires are under inflated or over inflated, the resistance to the road becomes greater. Check your tire pressure weekly and keep at suggested PSI.

Properly Maintain Your Vehicle – Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle can save gas as well. Change your air filters when recommended or when excessively dirty. Change oil and oil filter when required. Other maintenance such as changing spark plugs and cleaning fuel injectors can also improve mileage.

Some fuel mileage will vary depending on the size of the engine or design of the vehicle. If your vehicle gets 20 mpg in the city, these changes won’t magically change it to 30 mpg. However it can keep it from decreasing.

Many of these tips involve just a few changes in driving habits. Other maintenance can be done at home if you have the time tools and disposal resources. You can also bring your vehicle in to us for all maintenance needs. At Advanced Computer Automotive, we have been helping motorists in Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill get the best out of their vehicles, new and old for years. Give us at call at (562) 421-1905 to find out more information or schedule an appointment with us. We also offer the convenience of online appointments. While we can’t control the price of gasoline, we can always try to get the best mileage possible.

Written by ACA Automotive