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Think of the hoses in your vehicle performing in a similar fashion to the veins in our bodies. Hoses carry vital liquids like fuel, coolant, oil, and transmission fluid that are necessary to keep a car running. Another important function of hoses is to transfer gases and to send engine vacuum to numerous parts.

Sometimes a hose will leak or burst and thus need repairs. But damage can vary depending on the function of the problematic hose. For instance, when an air conditioning hose fails, you will be left to drive in discomfort (i.e. no air conditioning), but the vehicle will still run. However, a fuel leak is a much more serious problem that can result in a vehicle fire.

There are several warning signs that you should be vigilant about that are symptoms of hose problems.

A coolant leak can produce a sweet burning smell; whereas a smoky burning smell indicates a transmission fluid or oil leak.

A glowing “Check Engine” light can indicate a potential leak in the vacuum hose while a coolant leak can cause an engine temperature light to pop up on the dashboard. A high temperature reading on the gauge is also indicative of a coolant hose problem.

Liquid dripping on the ground beneath your vehicle is also a sign of a leaky hose. However, if you smell gasoline when the engine is running, pull over immediately and check. Driving with a fuel leak is very dangerous.

When checking hoses, make sure that the engine is cold. Look for cracks, frayed sections, or missing components.

If you suspect that you are having problems with a hose, please call the knowledgeable staff at Advanced Computer Automotive. Our skilled technicians can handle all of your car needs. You can schedule your appointment online or call us at 562-421-1905.