How Living Near the Beach Affects Your Car

How Living Near the Beach Affects Your Car

Lots of people love traveling to the beach during the summer. They roll in, frolic on the beach, and roll out. Some of them think how cool it would be to live by the beach year-round. Sure, it might be cool, for you. Your car might think differently, if it could think. Car owners who value their rides should be aware of what conditions their cars will be facing The following are a few ways that living near the beach will affect your car.

Salt Water Spray

Sure, it sounds great at first. When you’re close enough to the beach a sea breeze will carry the smallest amount salt up to five miles away. Even these trace amounts that you otherwise don’t notice will accumulate on your care every day. People who live near the beach should constantly be aware of their vehicle’s condition. Issues will show up on the trunk and hood first. If you notice rust starting to form, you should check your doors as well. Always be cognizant of your vehicle’s cosmetic condition.

Internal Corrosion

Parts of your vehicle that are not normally seen can also suffer from corrosion. Internal parts like the nuts and bolts and the components of your braking system. The ocean dew and the salty humidity will definitively cause corrosion over time. After about five years, rust spots will start to form on your car. A thorough inspection will give you the opportunity to replace the minor parts before major parts are affected.

Paint Job

The beach provides offers the perfect environment for damaging your vehicle’s paint job. A car’s final can be severely affected or ruined under normal circumstances. Living near the beach can create the perfect storm. The sun is the reason people store their cars in garages or put sheets on them because the sun will increase the pores in the paint. This leads to more salt absorbing into the paint. And thereby causes your car’s body paint to lose lustre and ultimately more rust.

Protecting Your Vehicle

It’s important to take a few steps to be proactive if you and your car live near the beach. Seeking cover for your vehicle is probably the best move. Whether that parking in a garage or using a car cover. Winters at the beach can especially be harmful to your vehicle. You should also wash and wax your car routinely.

Written by Adam Kalb