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There is probably no more depressing site when on the road than seeing a car, truck or SUV drive by that is belching black smoke. While California has some of the toughest emission standards in the U.S., the volume of traffic on our roads creates a huge smog problem. If you own a vehicle that is belching smoke, come see us at our Long Beach muffler repair shop.

There are many ways to tell if you need to have your muffler repaired or replaced. One of the primary functions of a muffler is to diffuse the noise made by the vehicle’s engine and helps it run smoother. If your vehicle sounds like a racecar, then you probably have a muffler issue.

Having a worn out muffler can also increase gasoline consumption. If your muffler has a hole, it can affect the level of oxygen entering will indicate to your O2 sensors that more gas is needed. Some people actually intentionally drill holes in their muffler to make it sound louder. If you want your car to sound louder, there are more effective ways of doing so.

Also, having a bad muffler can cause monoxide to leak into the passenger cabin of the vehicle. In many cases because carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless and has no odor, you might not even know it is happening. It can cause sickness and can even be fatal.

Repairing or replacing an old muffler can have a tremendous effect on your vehicle’s performance, safety and make you a lot more pleasant to be on the road with. Come by our shop or you can schedule an appointment by phone (562-421-1905) or online. We can either repair your existing muffler or replace it with a new one. We look forward to earning your business for Long Beach muffler repairs and all of your other repair and maintenance needs.