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Oil Changes are one of the critical components of automobile maintenance that often go overlooked. The trouble with this is, if the neglect goes on for two long, it can cause a host of catastrophic problems with your vehicle. For Long Beach oil changes come by and visit the automotive repair and maintenance experts at Advanced Computer Automotive.

One of the best marketing techniques in the automotive industry is the 3,000 mile rule. You were supposed to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles to make sure you oil wasn’t breaking down. People would get those little stickers on the top of their window that would remind them when to get their oil changed. It is a great idea and necessary but not for the reason you think.

Checking Belts, Hoses & Fluids

The reality is that changing your oil every 3,000 miles is not necessary. Most auto manufacturers recommend having your oil changed every 7,500 miles and some of the synthetic oils can last for 15,000 to 20,000 miles without breaking down. However, here is a good reason why it is necessary. Most people don’t ever look under their hood. In a perfect world we would routinely inspect our belts and hoses to make sure they were in proper working order and there were no cracks that could potentially lead to a break.

When you get your oil changed, they check your fluids, filters, belts and hoses to make sure they are in working order. They will top off your fluids and if you need to have a belt, hose or filter replaced, they can suggest it. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per year, that comes out to about five oil changes, roughly the cost for a tow truck if you break down because of a snapped serpentine belt.

You can probably even go about 5,000 miles between changes but the important thing is to get it done. While you can do it yourself and save a little bit of money, you still have to deal with properly disposing of used filters and old oil. At Advanced Computer Automotive, we will make sure that your belts and hoses are in good order, top off your fluids and use only the highest quality motor oils for your oil changes.

Stop by or schedule an appointment by calling us at (562) 421-1905 or you can also schedule your appointment online. Your car’s oil is one of the most basic but critical maintenance needs for it to run effectively. When the oil breaks down, or gets low, it loses its ability to protect your engine. If the car doesn’t have enough oil, you will blow the motor.