Tips for RV Maintenance

ACA helps keep your RV on the road

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The staff at Advanced Computer Automotive understands that there is nothing more liberating than hitting the road in your RV to tour California’s coastline, to explore our country’s national parks, or to hop on Route 66 for that dream cross-country trip.

But in order to have an exciting, carefree road trip, your RV must be well maintained. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in repairing RVs and providing routine maintenance services.

And just like with a traditional car, there are steps you can take to minimize the number of repairs your RV will need over the course of its life. Below are some tips we have provided to assist you in maintaining your RV.

Before a trip, check your tire pressure. Proper tire pressure will improve gas mileage and reduce the risks of getting a blowout. Checking rubber sealants around windows will help reduce drafts and leaks.

Clear dirt, dust and bugs from your appliances in order to prevent blockages. While camping, remember to retract your awning during storms or when there is heavy wind. Doing so will prevent your awning from bending and collapsing.

When not using your RV for more than a month, remember to empty the potable water tank and water heater. Also, run the generator for two hours each month under a 50% load if your RV will remain unused for multiple months.

In the summer months, store your RV with the vents open to keep temperatures down inside the RV and to help prevent the border paper and seam tape from falling off walls. When taking your RV out of storage, be sure to sanitize your fresh water systems. Occasionally flush out your water heater in order to get rid of the built up sediments and minerals that cause odors in water.