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Is your car having trouble starting? Battery lost its charge? These could be indications that your car may have starter or alternator problems, especially if your battery is relatively new. Ignoring the problem will lead to car trouble ranging from “slow” starts to a car that doesn’t start at all. If you think you might have a problem with your alternator or starter, the Long Beach auto repair experts at Advanced Computer Automotive can quickly diagnose the issue and perform the repairs quickly and at a fair price.

Review the symptoms below to determine if your vehicle needs of some form of auto electrical service:

Dead Battery – Dead batteries occur more commonly in winter months when a vehicle’s lights are on for longer periods of time. However, anytime lights are left on without the car running, a dead battery will result. A jump-start is the immediate fix, but then you must remember to have the car battery inspected to determine if it should be replaced. Keeping your battery strong will prevent future repairs to starters and alternators.

Dimming Lights – If your vehicle lights (exterior and/or interior) are dimming periodically, it usually suggests an electrical issue. If your alternator isn’t properly working, then your battery won’t be able to keep a charge strong enough to run the car’s lighting system.

Warning Lights – Most of us are afraid of the warning lights on our dashboard when in reality these lights are our friends. If your “check engine” light or another warning light comes on, you car is simply informing you that something is not working properly and needs immediate attention.

Sight, Sound & Smell – Tune in. If your engine is making strange sounds, you should have it checked as soon as possible. Also, a burning smell can indicate that electrical connections may be overheating, a sign of a serious electrical circuit or fuse malfunction.

Broken or Loose Electrical Connections – A single small broken wire or connection can lead to a number of electrical malfunctions in your car. Never put off having your car serviced if something isn’t working properly. Sometimes simply reconnecting an on-line fuse or connection can restore life to your car.

We know that Southern Californians rely on their vehicles for work and pleasure. That’s why when you need a repair or maintenance, Advanced Computer Automotive is the place to go for alternator and starter repairs as well as all of your other repair and maintenance services. Contact us at 562-421-1905 to find out more information or to schedule an appointment. We value our customers and look forward to serving all of your automotive needs.