Tips For Passing A Smog Check

Tips For Passing A Smog Check

If you live in California, you should be pretty familiar with laws that mandate every vehicle to be tested and checked for smog at least every other year. Due to our inability to meet and pass the Federal Clean Air Act standards, in 1982, our state implemented a program to help control and minimize automobile emissions. This state is one of the few in the United States to have very strict pollution control standards for automobiles. Though, the return on these strict standards is worth the constant checks and visits to your local auto repair shop that seem more of a hassle than good. It is estimated that we cut more than 400,000 tons of pollution, by completing these smog checks, each day in the state of California alone.


Whether you have lived in California for your entire life or have just moved here, the idea of a Smog Check can be somewhat intimidating. We’re here to make this process easy, simple, and stress-free! Check out our tips and things-to-know about passing a smog check.

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to get your car checked and tested for smog. If there are any repairs needed or issues that arise, it will be more time consuming and costly than going ahead and scheduling plenty of time for your car to pass the check.
  2. Schedule a tune-up at least two weeks before the test. Whether you might need an oil change or your check engine light has appeared on your dashboard, request an appointment with your local auto repair shop to get these items taken care of immediately.
  3. Before the test, check your vehicle’s fluid levels, tire pressure and under the hood for any warning signs. These car maintenance elements are always good to remain on top of and frequently checked on.

Please keep in mind that these tips are not guaranteed to make you pass a smog check, but they definitely encourage proper car maintenance habits to keep up with as the owner of a vehicle. If you ever have any questions regarding smog checks and what they mean for your car, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

As a trusted source for inspections and repair services, we’re helping keep California smog-free and are ready to perform your next smog check! Let us test and repair your vehicle so you can drive worry-free and comply with all pollution standards. Easily schedule your appointment online or call our shop at (562) 421-1905.

Written by Adam Kalb