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ACA Can Reveal Damaged or Faulty Steering Components

Throughout Southern California, vehicle owners rely on their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on a daily basis. Driving conditions, such as heavy traffic or stop-and-go driving, put a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s engine and other components, even when you follow a scheduled maintenance routine.

When your automobile breaks down or is not performing properly, you need an auto repair shop that can handle all makes and models, foreign and domestic to make the necessary repairs, quickly, professionally and at a fair price.

Your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle’s tires have a lot to do with the way the vehicle handles on the road. Steering is affected by tire issues and vice versa. Making sure you have proper power steering fluids and levels is important, as well as making sure your vehicle is properly aligned. An inspection of your tires can sometimes reveal problems with steering.

Wheel alignment is often confused with wheel balancing. Both are important to regular maintenance checks and both affect ride and handling. If a wheel is unbalanced, it causes a vibration at highway speeds that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or the seat. If a wheel is misaligned, it can cause excessive tire wear and steering or tracking problems. If your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, be aware that alignment may not be the culprit. Problems with tires (especially unequal air pressure), brakes and power steering can also be responsible. It is up to a good wheel alignment technician to determine the cause.

Your car’s power steering system is run by a pump comprised of hoses. These hoses can develop leaks, so it is a good idea to inspect them at every oil change, as low power steering fluid can cause damage. Some warning signs of power steering problems may include: difficulty turning the wheel, erratic power assist, loud whining coming from the pump, frequent fluid replacement or squealing belts.

Other steering components can be bent or damaged from wear and tear. These warning signs may include: steering play, wandering, uneven tire wear, and off-center steering wheel. An annual alignment check at ACA Automotive will reveal damaged or faulty steering components.

If you experience any of the symptoms above Advanced Computer Automotive is ready to help. We will diagnose tires and steering problems accurately the first time and fix these problems to OEM standard.

The auto repair experts at Advanced Computer Automotive are trained technicians who can perform steering and tire repairs quickly and affordably, as well as all vehicles repairs regardless of type or make of vehicle. Our computer diagnostic equipment allows us to find the problem quickly and we only use OEM certified parts.

Southern California drivers depend on their vehicles as much or even more than in any other part of the country and many also depend on Advanced Computer Automotive to handle their car repair needs. Schedule your appointment online or call us at 562-421-1905.