AC Problems

AC Problems

More Problems with Car Air Conditioning

ACA — Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Problems

Once upon a time A/C was considered a luxury, but these days it comes standard in just about every car in America. It’s such a natural thing to reach for that knob, especially during the summer, that when anything but refreshing air comes out, you’re shocked. Here are some common problems with car air conditioning:

If you turn the knob up to the max but you get nothing more than a weak stream of air, there may be a clog somewhere. Check the condenser and the radiator for debris – it could be anything from a really big bug to a few dead leaves, a stick, etc. The clog may be further back, perhaps in the air filter. Also, look or listen for your A/C fans. It’s possible a fuse has shorted and a fan is broken. Another possibility is that your refrigerant is low. It will naturally decrease by about 15 percent per year, so keep an eye on that and check it every once in a while – and more often during the summer.

Part of your air conditioning’s job is to clean the air that moves through your car. If you notice an unpleasant smell when you turn it on, it’s possible that bacteria or fungus has built up in the system.

This is a little gross but nothing to be ashamed of. If the system goes a long time without use – such as during the fall and winter months – moisture can build up and cause the smell. You can find a quick-evaporating flushing agent at your local auto store or ask the professionals at ACA to give your system a thorough cleaning.

Here’s where we enter the territory that’s best left to the pros (like us!). If you hear any odd noises from inside your A/C, it’s time to take it into the shop. There may be a problem with the compressor, broken clutches or switches, or maybe a valve needs to be replaced.

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Written by ACA Automotive