Anticipate Engine Problems

Anticipate Engine Problems

Anticipate Engine Problems

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First of all, if the “Check Engine” light comes on, you can consider your engine problem anticipated and ready to be checked out. However, you’d like to be able to detect a problem with your engine before it becomes severe. These are some early warning signs of engine trouble:

Discolored Smoke

If you notice blue smoke leaving your exhaust, this may be a result of a faulty fuel system. Oil is leaking into your engine and being combusted along with the fuel mixture. Worn or damaged seals may be the culprit. If you notice white smoke leaving your exhaust, condensation or antifreeze is mixing with your fuel. (If you notice white smoke rising from under your hood, pull over – you need coolant.)

If Your Car Becomes a Personal Rodeo

This should be self evident. If your car shakes, shudders, or jerks you may be experiencing one or several issues. A sudden stall or surge in power can be the result of bad spark plugs, a problem with your fuel system, or your car’s computer misreading a signal somewhere in the system.

Decoding the Mystery

It would be swell to be an auto mind-reader and know exactly what’s going on with your car at any given time, but an ASE certified mechanic can give you the next best thing. If that “Check Engine” light appears in your dashboard, he or she can interface with your onboard computer and help you decode the mystery. The light may appear for various reasons, including trouble with the oxygen sensor, a failure in the electronic module itself, something in the fuel filter, and even a loose gas cap.

Not every ping and puff are grounds for immediate service, but keeping your car in pristine condition means heading off minor annoyances before they become expensive problems. Remember that the certified professionals at ACA are your local one-stop shop for honest diagnoses.

Written by ACA Automotive