Common Clutch Problems

Common Clutch Problems

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What’s A Clutch?

Clutches are an essential part of both manual and automatic transmissions. They work behind the scenes alongside the rotating crankshafts to transfer power from your vehicle’s engine to its wheels. Like your car’s many other components, the clutch will wear down over time, leading to shifting and transmission problems. As such, it’s crucial to properly maintain your clutch and know what symptoms mean it’s time to get it repaired.

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Keep reading to learn about the most common clutch issues your vehicle may experience.

5 Common Clutch Problems

Here are five common clutch problems to keep an eye out for:

Slipping clutch

This problem happens when your clutch cannot engage or disengage your gearbox. If your car has a slipping clutch, you may notice grinding noises from the gearbox, your car suddenly jerking while driving, and high RPMs when accelerating.

Worn-out clutch disc

The disc is attached to the transmission shaft and can wear out over time. If your clutch disc is damaged, you’ll notice squeaking or grinding noises when you press the clutch pedal, poor acceleration, or slipping gears.

Sticking clutch

A third clutch issue that can affect your car is a sticking clutch. This happens when you press the clutch pedal down, and it doesn’t come back up. You may also notice slipping gears, vibrations when shifting, and grinding gears.

Issues changing gears

If you’re having trouble changing gears, the culprit could be your clutch. A burning odor is a tell-tale sign that your clutch is worn out.

Worn-out pressure plate

A damaged pressure plate can cause clutch problems. You might notice vibrations as you release the clutch.

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