Dead Batteries

Dead Batteries

Dead Battery Long Beach

Get Back On The Road Quickly With ACA

There is never a good time to have a dead battery. The trouble is that in most cases, you never get any really good warning signs before your battery decides to call it a day.

There are a number of reasons why batteries die:

  • Leaving on interior lights, headlights or running the radio when the car isn’t running.
  • Exposure to extreme high or temperatures can also drain a battery because of the extreme conditions. This is not a frequent occurrence in SoCal.
  • If your vehicle is in storage and hasn’t been started in a long time, chances are the battery will be dead.
  • Problems with your alternator can drain the battery because the purpose of the alternator is to charge the battery when it is running.
  • Not properly maintaining the battery can also lead to problems. Bad cables or corroded terminals can cause the battery to not properly perform.

In the event that you have a dead car battery in Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood or Seal Beach and jump starting the battery did not work, the automotive repair and service experts at Advanced Computer Automotive can get you back on the road quickly and at a fair price.

We will diagnose the problem and determine whether the battery needs to be replaced, if the problem is with a bad cable or terminal or if the alternator is causing the issue. Regardless of the cause, we can make all of the necessary repairs and replace the battery with a new one.

We can also make sure that your battery is properly maintained so that the terminals are clean and the cables are in good working order. Give us a call at (562) 421-1905 to schedule an appointment or if you are being towed in to our shop.

Here is one final word of advice to our customers regarding batteries. It is always a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car with some basic necessities. Out of those necessities, a set of jumper cables, is a must. In many cases, a dead battery will just need to be jump-started. At the very least it can get you to the repair shop without being towed.

Written by ACA Automotive