Engine Misfires

Engine Misfires

Engine Misfires Long Beach

What To look for when an engine misfire

Throughout Southern California, vehicle owners rely on their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on a daily basis. Driving conditions put a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s engine and other components. Even when you follow a scheduled maintenance routine for your vehicle, heavy traffic or stop and go driving can take their toll.

When your automobile breaks down or is not performing properly, you need an auto repair shop that can handle all makes and models, foreign and domestic to make the necessary repairs, quickly, professionally and at a fair price.

One problem car owners may encounter is engine misfire, which can be caused by many factors, such as poor maintenance.

Cause of a misfire

The engine misfiring means that an automobile’s engine is skipping over one of the processes of its combustion cycle, causing the engine to run rough, jerk, buck and to run inefficiently. There are several types of engine misfires, including lean misfires, ignition misfires, and mechanical misfires. The cause of a misfire is when air/fuel is unable to ignite on the compression stroke. One or more cylinders can fail and not produce the desired/expected power. One problem may be a failed combustion chamber, which can happen due to the fuel mixture failing to ignite and burn properly.

If your vehicle has multiport fuel injection, an injector may not be opening properly. A properly functioning injector should spray fuel cleanly and not drip.

Another problem may be that a spark plug is failing to spark. When this happens, the air/fuel mixture is unable to ignite, causing cylinder misfires. You may need to replace all the spark plugs.

Additionally, if your car has any faulty spark plug wires, they will fail to deliver power to the spark plug.

A low compression can also cause engine misfire. Air/fuel requires pressure to fire properly and produce combustion. A low compression can be check by performing a compression test. All cylinder must have similar reading. If one of the reading is lower than the other, it is possible the piston ring is bad.

A bad head gasket, a worn/crack distributor cap and vacuum leaks are possible causes.

If you experience any of the symptoms above Advanced Computer Automotive is ready to help. We will diagnose engine misfires accurately the first time and repair them according to the highest industry standards.

The auto repair experts at Advanced Computer Automotive are trained technicians who can perform engine misfires quickly and affordably, as well as all auto repairs regardless of type or make of vehicle.

Our computer diagnostic equipment allows us to find the problem quickly and we only use OEM certified parts.

Southern California drivers depend on their vehicles as much or even more than in any other part of the country and many also depend on Advanced Computer Automotive to handle their car repair needs. Schedule your appointment online or call us at (562) 421-1905.

Written by ACA Automotive