Four Facts You Should Know About Diesel Trucks

Four Facts You Should Know About Diesel Trucks

If you need durability and reliability, diesel trucks operating at peak performance will check all your boxes. If you’re trying to decide what type of vehicle you need for a daily drive, you should learn all about diesel trucks to make an informed decision. At ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California, our ASE-certified technicians are glad to provide four facts you should know about diesel trucks.

Diesel Engines Have Longevity

Diesel engines can last hundreds of thousands of miles. They run at lower revolutions per minute, causing them to wear down slowly compared to gasoline engines. Diesel engines are made from stronger internal components and can handle higher compression ratios compared to the average gas engine. Getting diesel repair at a local auto repair shop prolongs your engine’s lifespan.

Diesel Trucks Are Reliable

Diesel trucks are great daily vehicles if you normally have access to diesel fuel. Additionally, diesel engines break down less often. Although diesel repair can be more expensive, you may save money.

Diesel Trucks Get Better Mileage

Diesel fuel costs more than gasoline fuel. However, diesel vehicles have better fuel efficiency than gas vehicles. Diesel fuel contains 10 percent more energy than gasoline, and diesel engines can go at least 20 percent further on a gallon of fuel than gas engines.

Diesel Trucks Are Great For Towing

Diesel engines have more torque than a gas engine. Torque makes it easier to move more mass, which is why diesel trucks are best suited for towing heavy loads. It’s important to keep in mind that diesel engines also have less horsepower, making them slower to accelerate.

Aca Automotive Provides Diesel Repair

Whenever you need to tow heavy objects or make a long road trip, choose a diesel truck operating at its top performance. Your diesel engine needs power, and its durability depends on quality diesel repair and maintenance. Get your diesel truck inspected by excellent diesel repair experts at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California. We will make sure to provide diesel repair for your diesel engine’s repair needs. Schedule an appointment by calling 562-448-5642 or stop by our shop.

Written by ACA Automotive