How Does My Suspension Work?

How Does My Suspension Work?

Essential Systems: Explained

One of the most important systems that balances comfort, safety, and performance is your suspension system. This complex system keeps your vehicle gliding along the road and maximizes the friction between your tires and the road. Find out how this dynamic system works and learn the signs that you need suspension repair services in Long Beach, California.

The Basics of Vehicle Suspension

Your suspension system is connected to the frame of your vehicle. This system uses steering linkage, springs, dampers, anti-sway bars, and shock absorbers to improve the ride and handling of your vehicle.

A bumpy road creates an uncomfortable ride. A suspension system is designed to minimize the uncomfortable bumps and jostling of uneven roads. By pushing against the ground, your suspension system also creates friction to assist you in accelerating, braking and cornering.

Your suspension is a complex system of components, so it’s best to leave repairs to a professional. A visual inspection may show you signs of damage, but the best option is to look for these performance issues as you drive.

Signs You Need Suspension Repairs

Now that you understand the basics of this system, how do you know if it’s working properly? Look out for these signs and don’t hesitate to stop by a local, reliable auto shop for a suspension repair quote:

  • Pulling or drifting during turns
  • Uncomfortable riding, particularly over bumpy roads
  • Lurching forward when stopping
  • Unusual tire wear

Because of the many complex parts in a suspension system, there are a number of signs that you need a repair. If your vehicle is handling poorly or wearing out tires unevenly, it may be a sign that one shock absorber is worn out or your sway bars are unevenly adjusted.

Pulling, lurching and other unusual movements are also signs that a single shock or both shocks on one side need to be replaced.

Receive a Repair Quote Today

If you’re unsure about your suspension, schedule a service in Long Beach, California at ACA Automotive. Our full-service auto shop works with ASE certified technicians to provide you with accurate diagnostics, affordable repairs, and long-lasting services. Don’t let a damaged or worn-out suspension put you in danger, but drive safely and comfortably with a fully restored and adjusted suspension.

Written by ACA Automotive