How To Prepare For A Smog Test

How To Prepare For A Smog Test

How to Prepare for a Smog Test

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Two words will cause most Californians to cringe: Smog testing. Much like going for a dentist’s appointment, you might not want to do it, but in the end smog testing benefits you and your loved ones with reduced levels of pollution.

Advanced Computer Automotive provides smog-testing services and has compiled a list of steps you can take so that your vehicle passes the smog test the first time around.

A check-engine light illuminating your dashboard is guaranteed to cause your car to fail testing. If your car’s check-engine light is currently glowing ominously, don’t ignore it. Bring your car into the trusted technicians at Advanced Computer Automotive to diagnose and repair any problems before you go for a smog test.

If your car is fast approaching its mile-marker for an oil change, go ahead and have the oil changed before you take the car to be tested because additional pollutants can be released from dirty oil. If you are due for a routine tune-up, do so at least two weeks before the scheduled smog test in order to allow enough time for the car’s onboard computer to run all necessary diagnostic tests.

Running your vehicle at highway speeds for the two weeks leading up to the smog tests will also benefit you. The higher speeds allow the catalytic converter to become hot enough to burn off oil and gas residues. Make sure your car has a clean air filter.

A week before smog testing, use a fuel additive to help clear clogged fuel injectors. Make sure your gas and coolant levels are not low. Check your tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can cause your car’s engine to work harder.

On the day of the test, drive 30 minutes prior to arriving so that the vehicle reaches its full operating temperature.

Written by ACA Automotive