How to Understand Your Wheel Alignment Settings

How to Understand Your Wheel Alignment Settings

If your car isn’t driving smoothly, it’s time you get your vehicle inspected for a wheel alignment, also known as tracking. Wheel alignment extends the lifespan of your tires and improves your gas mileage. When you’re near Long Beach, California, our highly trained team of ASE-certified technicians at Advanced Computer Automotive will take care of your vehicle’s wheel alignment. Below, learn what affects your wheel alignment settings.

What Is Camber?

Camber is important for your vehicle’s cornering and stability. Positive camber keeps your vehicle stable. Negative camber causes your vehicle to have decreased stability however, high-performance vehicles that require better cornering benefit due to negative camber. Too much of either positive or negative camber is bad.

What Are Suspension System Problems?

Your vehicle’s suspension system has rubber bushings, which break down over time and cause additional movement. This excessive flexibility of your vehicle’s suspension system leads to uneven tire wear and bad turning performance.

Do You Have Caster Problems?

Your car’s caster setting determines how straight down your car drives. Additionally, your vehicle’s caster helps your steering wheel spin back to its neutral position. If you notice difficulty spinning the wheel or your car pulls to one side, that’s a symptom that your caster is off.

What Is “Toe In,” “Toe Out,” And “Total Toe?”

Your alignment’s toe position is important. Your vehicle’s total toe should be at or near zero while you’re cruising. Proper toe settings ensure the least resistance when your vehicle’s tires spin. “Toe in” means the top of your car’s tires point inward and vice-versa for toe out. If the total toe is off, your tires will be uneven depending on whether your vehicle is toe-in or toe-out.

Get Wheel Alignment at a Local Auto Repair Shop

If your car feels unstable to drive, you probably have a wheel misalignment issue that needs to be corrected immediately. When you need a wheel alignment, come to ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California, for repairs or other maintenance services for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 562-448-5642.

Written by ACA Automotive