Hybrid Battery Life Span 101

Hybrid Battery Life Span 101

There are two important factors that determine the health of your Hybrid’s battery life: the battery’s state of charge and the battery’s state of health. The state of charge measures how much energy is stored. The state of health of your Hybrid battery indicates the status of your battery and if it needs to be serviced. A few things can affect a Hybrid’s battery life span. At ACA Automotive, we specialize in hybrid repair in Long Beach, California. Below, learn about a Hybrid’s battery life span.


Every car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly and it’s essential to get Hybrid repair if your car is giving you any trouble. The internal combustion engine and the electric motor in hybrid vehicles are interdependent to run properly. Always check the battery state during your routine Hybrid repair services.


Extreme weather condition fluctuations can take a toll on a Hybrid’s battery. Avoid traveling in extreme weather conditions for long periods. Keep your car parked in the shade and leave the windows open by just a few centimeters to keep your car cool.


Hybrid batteries last a minimum of eight years or approximately 100,000 miles. Many hybrid batteries last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Toyota claims that with regular maintenance, a Toyota Hybrid battery will last the full life of a Toyota car. If you need a battery replacement, you can also save money by getting your battery reconditioned. A professional will perform the reconditioning process.

Get Auto Repair From A Hybrid Repair Specialist

Many people purchase Hybrids to be environmentally conscious and for fuel efficiency. Owning a Hybrid is a smart long-term investment if you get routine maintenance at a Hybrid repair specialist. When you have a problem with your Hybrid and need to take it to a Hybrid repair specialist, come to ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California. Advanced Computer Automotive employs the best ASE-certified technicians who understand the complexities regarding maintenance and repairs to your hybrid vehicle.

Written by ACA Automotive