Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

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Hybrids and electric vehicles (EVs) are now more popular than ever. Not only are they both better for the environment, but they are more affordable to maintain. But despite their similarities, hybrid cars and EVs are wildly different. If you want to buy one of these cars or already own one, you must understand their unique preventative maintenance and repair needs.

Luckily, the ASE-certified hybrid/EV repair mechanics at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California, are here to help. Here is everything you need to know about hybrid vehicles vs. electric cars.

Hybrid Vehicles vs. Electric Cars: What’s The Difference?

The most significant difference between hybrid and electric vehicles is how they are powered. EVs run solely on electricity produced by their batteries. They don’t have a traditional engine under the hood. On the other hand, hybrid cars use gas and electric power to drive.

Electric cars are outfitted with an on-board battery. The battery holds enough power for some EVs to be driven for 300+ miles before recharging. Since they are battery-powered, EVs don’t require fuel. You’ll never have to worry about filling up your tank at a gas station before a trip. However, electric cars DO need to be charged. This can be tricky on long trips since there are not a lot of public charging stations available. But the government is working hard to change that!

Hybrid vehicles switch between electric and traditional gas to run. You can charge a hybrid like an electric car via a plug-in charging station. Most hybrid cars can also charge themselves through regenerative braking. Hybrid vehicles often use their battery for quick trips and will switch to gas power for longer ones.

EVs and hybrids have their own unique repair and maintenance requirements. Hybrids need both traditional engine and battery repair. EVs require battery repair. They also don’t need oil changes. And since they have fewer parts, electric vehicles are often more affordable to maintain.

Dependable Hybrid Repair/EV Repair Services

Whether you drive an EV or hybrid, the ASE-certified technicians at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California, can service your ride! We’ve worked on more than 100,000 vehicles. Our advanced training and cutting-edge tools ensure we’ll keep your car running strong for longer.

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