Improving Gas Mileage

Improving Gas Mileage

How to Improve Gas Mileage

ACA Gives You Tips On Improving Gas Mileage

As gas prices continue to rise, more drivers are reconsidering their car of choice and how they can save at the pump. But for those unable to afford a new car, there is one tried and true alternative to boosting mpg: Changing your driving habits.

It sounds too simple to be true, but following just a few of the driving tips below will help you to improve your gas mileage, no matter what you drive. We at ACA encourage you to start tracking your fuel consumption the next time you fill your tank. Compare a week of driving normally with a week using these tips. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Acceleration Tips

Slamming the pedal to the metal, roaring in and out of lanes, braking hard, not only are these the signs of a Class A fool, they also put unnecessary wear and tear on your brakes and tires. Gradual acceleration from a stop is much smoother on your car and much better for your gas consumption. Combined with brakes and tires that aren’t being worn down like the soft end of a pencil, you’ll be sure to go farther with much less hassle down the road.

Avoid speeding when on the freeway. True, getting from A to B faster (when you can avoid a ticket) is more satisfying, but your car responds much better when it’s maintained at a regular speed around the 60-65 mph range without sporadic spurts of acceleration or sudden stops. This means you also need to keep a wide enough distance behind the cars in front of you. Following closely behind a car will force you to slam on the brakes as soon as their lights go red. Following a set distance behind will give you time to decelerate smoothly.

Hills have their own acceleration rules. When approaching a hill, accelerate into the incline. This will give you enough power to reach the crest without struggling with the pedal. When you reach the top of the hill, lift off the throttle and let your inertia and gravity do the work of taking you to the bottom.

Traffic Flow

If you do a lot of local driving, you probably know your intersections – which ones take forever and which ones have the longest yellow lights. Don’t waste your gas. Cut the throttle when you’re approaching a red light – there’s no reason to zoom up to an intersection just to stop abruptly – and try to get into that sweet spot of timing that allows you to gently accelerate into the green.

Travel Lighter

Can you name, right now, every item that’s in your trunk? How about those odds and ends hanging around your backseat? Ditch the junk, lighten your load and improve your mileage.

Don’t Idle

If your car idles for longer than thirty seconds you’re just wasting gas. If you’re stuck in a drive-thru or just sitting outside your house waiting for your officemate to join the carpool (carpooling is a huge gas saver), turn your car off. Patience is a virtue but there’s no reason to waste gasoline while you’re doing it. Besides, just like carpooling, it’ll be better for the environment in the long run.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Yes! The number one way to keep your car running smoothly is to keep your car in good working order. Get your oil checked regularly, make appointments for tune-ups and ask your mechanics about more great tips. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the car experts at ACA and find out how to stretch your gas mileage today!

Written by ACA Automotive