Preventing Transmission Failure

Preventing Transmission Failure

What You Need to Know

If you know a little bit about cars, you probably know that the transmission is one of the most complicated parts. That makes it one of the most expensive to repair! Sometimes problems happen without warning, but in most cases, costly transmission repair is avoidable with maintenance and early action. Read these tips from the pros at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California so you can recognize when your car’s transmission needs service!

What to Look For

How can you know that your transmission needs to be looked at by a professional? Watch out for these warning signs! These behaviors tell you that something isn’t working right and that you should visit an expert for diagnosis and repairs.

Low Fluid Levels

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is never burnt or used up. If the levels are low, that means there’s a leak! Leaking transmission fluid can cause damage to other components and create performance problems. If you notice low fluid levels, contact a professional immediately!

Delayed Response

The transmission is responsible for translating the power generated by the engine into motion for your vehicle. Whether you’re shifting from “park” to “drive” or “reverse,” the change should be smooth and seamless. Hitches or delays indicate a problem with the transmission. You should also be concerned if your vehicle is slow to accelerate or that the engine revs without the car moving.


Once the transmission really starts struggling, it might fail to get your car moving. If the car stalls or otherwise can’t be moved, you’ll need an expert to take a look at the entire system. Something is on its last leg and needs to be repaired.

Strange Sounds

You know what your car usually sounds like, even if you don’t actively pay attention to it. You’re used to its rhythm and humming when you accelerate and slow down. If you start to hear something different, something that’s just not right for your vehicle’s normal behavior, it could be related to the transmission. Bad transmissions sometimes whine or clunk.

The best way to avoid transmission problems is to keep it healthy. Let a professional technician at ACA Automotive service your vehicle today. We’ll ensure everything is in working order and that you won’t be facing a major transmission problem anytime soon.

Written by ACA Automotive