Car Stalling Problems Long Beach

ACA can diagnose your stalling problems

Stalled Engine – A stalled automobile engine is extremely inconvenient, plus it can cause unnecessary wear to your car and pose danger. It can inhibit the flow of traffic creating a dangerous condition that may cause an accident. Diagnosing the cause of a stalling engine may be easier than you think. Prior to taking your car to the shop, it’s a good idea to think about the last time you were under the hood to check the oil or other fluids, simply because you may have displaced something.

You may find your fix right there. In a situation which requires a more complicated fix, typically it will be for one of the following three most common reasons: A Faulty Electrical Sensor or Component Modern engines depend heavily on their electrical sensors to run properly, so when an electrical part isn’t working properly, the engine’s computer won’t get the required information to keep the car running the way it is designed to run, and that may cause a stall. If this is the case, the “check engine” light will usually illuminate. You may have a sensor that needs replacing.

A Vacuum System Leak – Another system that delivers vital information to your car’s computerized management system is the “Engine Vacuum.” Find your vehicle’s vacuum lines, and check them out for any unplugged connections, as well as signs of wear or cracking. It helps to examine them while the engine is running because if they are loose or unplugged, you’ll hear whistling or hissing sounds which point to a leak.

An Intake or Fuel System Leak or Obstruction – A stall can additionally be caused by anything affecting the engine’s ability to take in air or fuel.

If you suspect this is the case, then while the car is running, ask another person to rapidly press and release the gas pedal. Examine the hoses that attach the engine to the airbox where the filter is located. If there is a problem with intake, you’ll likely see signs of collapse in the hoses or hear excessive air noise.

Check to be sure that all the connections are properly fastened. Additionally check or replace the air and fuel filters, because plugged filters may be the culprit.

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Written by ACA Automotive