The ACA Code of Ethics

A Gold Standard based on the Golden Rule

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We here at Advanced Computer Automotive have a code of ethics that we apply to ourselves and our interactions with our customers, a gold standard based on the golden rule: Treat others how you’d like to be treated. We hope to even surpass your expectations and give you a unique, gratifying automotive experience. Think of this as our 10 Commandments (“Thou shalt be excellent to thy customer!”).


  1. To promote good will between the customer and the industry. Have your past interactions with mechanics always been positive? We hope so, but at ACA we will ensure that you are treated with utmost respect. We want to earn your trust.
  2. To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer. At the end of the day, you deserve a vehicle in tip-top shape. It’s our job to make it so.
  3. To perform high quality repair service at a fair and just price. Who says nice guys finish last? We earn your trust by explaining car repairs with honesty and transparency.
  4. To employ the best skill personnel obtainable. We’re the best at what we do. (It’s in the job description.)
  5. To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms. This one’s just common sense. Duct tape and bubble gum may hold your engine together long enough for you to drive off our lot, but it’s no substitute for reliable products (or a regular customer).
  6. To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for service rendered. We never want you to leave us wondering what you just paid for. Complete transparency is fundamental to ensuring your relationship with us continues to be a positive one.
  7. To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection, if so requested. We’re mechanics, not magicians. We’re not in the business of making “faulty” parts disappear. If we replace it, it is available for your inspection.
  8. To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry. Whether you’ve visited magicians in the past or have simply failed to find a mechanic you feel you can trust, at ACA we strive to be not only approachable but dependable.
  9. To uphold the integrity of all members. The ACA team relies on the strength of its individuals and their ability to work in sync. Your car deserves the best hands in the business. We’ve got ‘em!
  10. To refrain from advertisement which is false or misleading or likely to confuse or deceive the customer. It’s the digital age! Dishonest businesses are quickly found out and shady businesses can be searched in a second. We have nothing to gain by being thieves and everything to gain by becoming part of your automotive family. Advanced Computer Automotive has built its reputation on first-rate service and first-class integrity. We plan to keep it that way.