The Break Down on Brake Fluid

The Break Down on Brake Fluid

What Makes Brake Fluid Important

Many drivers believe that the most important automotive fluid in their car is engine oil. However, brake fluid is also essential for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. It’s important to have the proper levels of clean brake fluid in your vehicle to ensure you can efficiently stop or slow your car down.

The brake service specialists at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California are here to explain the importance of this critical fluid.

Brake Fluid Basics

Brake fluid is a kind of automotive fluid that is used in modern-day hydraulic braking systems. Its main job is to turn force into pressure, enabling your brakes to work optimally. In simple terms, when you apply force to the brake pedal, the brake fluid will transfer this force into pressure to your car’s rear and front brakes, making it slow down and stop.

Moreover, brake fluid helps to keep all of the components of your braking system properly lubricated. It also prevents the system from overheating.

Do I Need to Change My Brake Fluid?

As with any auto fluid in your car, you must routinely get your brake fluid changed. Over time, your brake fluid can become dirty and inefficient. This can lead to braking problems, overheating, and more issues.

If your brake fluid is dirty or low, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • An illuminated brake light on your dash
  • Your brake pads wearing out faster than they normally do
  • A tougher time stopping your vehicle

If you notice any of these signs, contact the brake service experts at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California to schedule an appointment. It’s imperative to always have fresh, clean brake fluid in your vehicle to maintain your safety while you’re behind the wheel.

Your Local Brake Service Professionals

If you think you need your brake fluid changed, the best move is to make a service appointment at a quality auto repair shop. Call ACA Automotive at (562) 383-2175 to schedule your brake service today. We’ll thoroughly inspect your braking system and change the fluid to improve driving enjoyment and safety.

Written by ACA Automotive