Three Easy Ways to Damage Your Transmission

Three Easy Ways to Damage Your Transmission

Transmission problems are usually not random, irregular driving habits and ignoring getting routine maintenance repairs can cause or exacerbate knowing transmission damage. Don’t expect your transmission to last if you never go in for a tune-up and transmission repair when necessary. At ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California, our master technicians offer expert transmission repair. Below, follow our guide on three easy ways to damage your vehicle’s transmission.

Forgetting To Change Your Fluids

Transmission fluid is essential to cool down the transmission. The clean and fresh fluid lubricates the system, making your vehicle’s transmission work smoothly. Don’t forget to go to a trusted mechanic to regularly replace your transmission fluid so you can avoid a costly repair in the future. Good transmission fluid is a bright red color and becomes darker and brown when it ages.

Ignoring Overheating

If it’s cold, it’s smart to wait until your engine warms up before you start driving. But too much heat is bad for your car as well. Have you seen steam coming from your vehicle’s hood? Avoid your vehicle from overheating, and think about your driving habits and how frequently you get routine maintenance. If your transmission is hot, the best decision you can make is to take your vehicle to a local auto repair shop to properly diagnose what’s wrong.

Driving Irregularly

Your driving habits play a significant role in your transmission’s lifespan. If you speed in between lights, your vehicle’s transmission won’t last as opposed to sensible driving. Drive with smooth movements: Don’t accelerate or brake too quickly, so your transmission doesn’t overwork.

Quality Transmission Repair Is Critical

Other common signs your vehicle needs transmission repair include transmission fluid leaking, your check engine light is on, strange smells, or buzzing or humming sounds. At ACA Automotive here in Long Beach, California, our transmission repair specialists offer to diagnose and fix the problem. Our trained ASE-certified technicians use the most advanced diagnostic equipment, ensuring you will only get the repairs your vehicle needs. Schedule an appointment by calling 562-448-5642 or stop by our shop for transmission repair.

Written by ACA Automotive