Types Of ABS Systems

Types Of ABS Systems

Types of ABS Systems

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Most people are familiar with the term “anti-lock brakes” or ABS. However, a much smaller percentage is aware that there are three types of ABS available.

Four Channel, Four Sensor

The four-channel, four-sensor ABS system allocates a different valve for each wheel and also a separate speed sensor for each of the four wheels. This is considered to be the best system because it monitors each individual wheel to ensure that the greatest braking force is achieved.

Three Channel, Three Sensor

The three-channel, three-sensor ABS provides both of the front wheels with an individual valve and speed sensor. However, the rear wheels must share one valve and one speed sensor, which is located in the rear axle. Pickup trucks featuring four-wheel ABS will typically have the three-channel, three-sensor ABS system.

The drawback to this particular ABS system is that because the rear wheels share one valve and speed sensor, they are monitored together. Therefore, both wheels must become locked in order to trigger ABS. If only one rear wheel locks, the brake’s effectiveness will be reduced.

One Channel, One Sensor

This ABS system has one valve and one speed sensor installed to monitor all four wheels and is located in the rear axle. Pickup trucks that have rear-wheel ABS typically feature a one-channel, one-sensor ABS system.

Like three-channel, three-sensor ABS, this system also carries the risk of one rear wheel locking, and thus lowering the effectiveness of the brakes. It is fairly easy to spot this system on a vehicle because there will only be one brake line that runs to the rear wheels through a T-fitting.

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