Types Of Air Filters

Types Of Air Filters

Types of Air Filters

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There are four types of air filters that you can install in your vehicle. The knowledgeable technicians at Advanced Computer Automotive can assist you in determining the best filter for your vehicle.

Paper Filters

This filter does not consist of the sort of biodegradable paper you would rip out of a notebook or magazine. Its industrial-quality paper is pleated to create more surface area, which allows more space in which dirt can become trapped. On the negative side, tests that have been performed suggest that paper filters will reduce fuel efficiency and engine power. And though the filters are cheap and simple to replace, they must be replaced with greater frequency than their counterparts (generally every 5,000 – 10,000 miles).

Oil Bath Filters

Messy oil bath filters were made mostly obsolete after the creation of paper filters in the 1960s. Made from an insert of paper, fiber, mesh or a comparable substance fitted over a pan of oil, this filter would capture air contaminants in the oil pool. The fiber insert would then capture the lighter particles.

Foam Filters

People living in dusty areas or using their vehicles for off-roading or rally racing would benefit from this aftermarket filter, which is found in many retail stores. The filters are available with different foam grades and thicknesses, affecting the dirt capacity and airflow resistance. The polyurethane foams are soaked in oil and meant to last for the life of your vehicle. The filters do need to be periodically oiled.

High Performance Filters

Made of cotton gauze, high performance filters tend to be more expensive than other filters and are available for purchase from specialty dealers. Owners of sports cars, road rally cars, competition trucks or those who simply wish to increase the air intake and engine power would be interested in high performance filters.

Written by ACA Automotive