Types of Mufflers

Types of Mufflers

Types of Mufflers

Let ACA skilled technicians inspect your muffler

The primary purpose of a vehicle’s muffler is to reduce the noise that a car engine makes while also keeping noxious fumes from entering the vehicle’s cabin. Below are several signs that you need a new muffler.

If your vehicle makes loud noises even when it’s idling, you should bring your car into Advanced Computer Automotive for our skilled technicians to inspect the muffler. We are happy to repair your current muffler or to discuss options to help you choose a new muffler that best fits your performance needs before beginning installation.

When your vehicle’s engine is shut off, periodically check your muffler. Soot or rust build up can form after years of being exposed to engine vapors. Please bring your vehicle into our auto shop immediately if you spot holes in the muffler because this can let toxic fumes enter the cabin of the vehicle.

Smoke rolling out of your tailpipe after starting the vehicle is another indication that the muffler needs to be replaced. A change in your car’s acceleration or decreased fuel efficiency could also be due to a bad muffler and should be inspected by a trained technician. Some experts have noted that a failing muffler can cause a vehicle to burn through fuel up to two times faster than a car equipped with a proper muffler.

If you are in need of a new muffler, consider purchasing a performance muffler, which is a type of muffler that increases exhaust gas flow and allows the engine to breathe better. It’s typically installed halfway between the exhaust manifold and the tailpipe. Higher gas mileage is simply one of the many perks of installing a performance muffler. It will also enhance the sound of your car—a lower rumble and growl when accelerating—and add better performance.

Written by ACA Automotive