What Is Engine Oil

What Is Engine Oil

What is Engine Oil Used For?

Engine oil is mainly used for lubrication

A car is such a mainstay of daily life (especially here in California) that it is easy to forget how complicated a machine it really is. It is a testament to a car’s craftsmanship that it doesn’t call attention to itself until something has broken down. What is a car, after all, but a series of violent explosions and metallic parts, all moving in concert, dependent on each element to stay in sync, operating daily and sometimes for hours on end? Put like that, you may start to wonder, “What keeps the whole thing running so smoothly?” Oil, dear reader.

Oil keeps everything inside the car running smoothly. It lubricates the moving machinery and prevents corrosion to the metal. Oil’s viscosity also improves seals and carries heat away from the rapidly moving parts. It’s no surprise that petroleum is today the most valuable of resources, as without it our technology would just about cease to function. That said, changing your oil is a necessary (arguably the most necessary) part of automotive maintenance.

Different oils vary in how often they need to be replaced. Different cars have different needs as well. The reason you can’t keep the same oil in your car is because it will eventually break down. Particles accumulate in the oil from the environment (and tiny shavings of metal build up as part of normal wear and tear) that will eventually clog an oil filter. Oil’s viscosity also decreases over time, which leads to less than smooth functioning and greater risk of corrosion in your engine.

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Written by ACA Automotive