Why Do I Have Smoke Coming From My Exhaust?

Why Do I Have Smoke Coming From My Exhaust?

Have you been worried about excessive smoke coming from your vehicle’s exhaust? Your car is polluting faster than it can expel exhaust. If you don’t want to cloud up the road or fail a smog test, you’ll need to get your car inspected by a mechanic or smog repair technician. We take your hood seriously at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California. Below, read about a few reasons your vehicle’s exhaust blows too much smoke.

A Burning Smell

Do you smell what your car is cooking? The oil burning in the engine may sometimes give off a strong burning odor from the exhaust. Oil burning is normal when your vehicle is cold, but it should stop once it’s warmed up. If you smell a strong burning scent that does not go away after your vehicle warms up, it’s most likely oil burning.

Catalytic Converter Leak

Have you noticed a decrease in your vehicle’s performance? It’s possible that your car’s catalytic converter is leaking. The catalytic converter is in your vehicle’s exhaust system, and it reduces the number of harmful gasses in the exhaust fumes. If your car’s catalytic converter becomes damaged, your car will smell like exhaust fumes. If the catalytic converter in your vehicle leaks, it may need to be replaced by a trusted mechanic. Smog repair specialists at ACA Automotive ensure our customers’ vehicles are well-maintained and free from leaks.

Carbon Buildup

One common cause of smoke coming from your exhaust is carbon buildup, which normally occurs after long trips on the highway. The burning odor gets pushed out of the tailpipe and out of the engine. Smoke from the exhaust after driving a short distance indicates an early sign of a problem. Eliminate and fix your vehicle’s carbon buildup by getting your car inspected by a highly trained technician.

Seek A Smog Repair Specialist To Inspect Your Vehicle

Smog repair is important if you want to drive smoothly and pass your emissions tests. Fortunately, if you are near Long Beach, California, visit ACA Automotive, a STAR test-and-repair station with four express smog lanes. Our team of expert technicians is BAR-certified, and we perform both smog repairs and emissions tests. If you need your vehicle inspected by a smog repair specialist, call 562-448-5642 to schedule an appointment or stop by our shop.

Written by ACA Automotive