Why is My Car's A/C Not Working?

Why is My Car’s A/C Not Working?

Keep Your Cool with Auto A/C Repair

Summers in Long Beach, California can get super hot. To beat the heat, local drivers need to ensure that their car’s A/C system is properly working. However, many things can cause your auto A/C to stop functioning.

Keep your cool by understanding the cause of your AC issues. The auto A/C repair technicians at ACA Automotive are here to help you out.

Black Death

While it may sound like a nightmarish plague, Black Death is actually a common cause of auto A/C trouble. It starts when the refrigerant breaks down inside of the compressor. From there, the yucky metal particles made by the compressor will travel through your A/C system, making it “sick.” In no time, your A/C will stop functioning altogether.

No Air Coming From the Vents

There are several reasons why air isn’t coming out of your A/C vents. These can include a blown-out fuse, a bad relay, faulty blower motors, a blocked air intake, or damaged hoses and belts. The best way to get to the root of the problem is to have your car inspected by an experienced technician. Book an appointment at ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California now.

AC is Cool, But Not Cold

If your auto air conditioning gets cool but not cold, it could be due to low refrigerant. If you have enough refrigerant in the system, other causes can include a failed clutch switch or blocked or bad condenser. Our A/C auto repair technicians can test out these components to look for possible damage or blockage.

Moldy Smell

As with your dark and damp basement, mold and mildew can grow inside your car’s A/C system. This will cause a musty odor and prevent your air conditioning from working. You can solve the stench by getting your air filter replaced.

Top-Notch Auto AC Repair

If your vehicle is suffering from any of these A/C problems, call ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California today. Our auto AC repair experts can properly diagnose and fix the issue.

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Written by ACA Automotive