Your Check Engine Light Shouldn’t Ruin Your Day

Your Check Engine Light Shouldn’t Ruin Your Day

There are a number of things that every driver dreads for their vehicle. Of course, accidents are very scary and a real risk of being on the road. Some people fear to have a flat tire at the wrong time that leaves them stranded. But perhaps no other kind of car trouble can create as much worry as quickly as the check engine light. The yellow dashboard illuminator ominously appears at the most inconvenient of times, a foreboding sign of car trouble ahead. Isn’t a day at the auto shop exactly what you were hoping for?

Common Check Engine Light Causes

Loose Gas Cap

If you are pulling away from the gas station when you notice a new indicator illuminated on the dashboard, take a minute to check your gas cap before your brain jumps to worse conclusions. Some vehicles use the check engine light to alert drivers when they’ve forgotten to tighten the gas cap after filling up.

Oxygen Sensors

These devices are very important in your vehicle. They communicate the amount of unburned oxygen being released with computers to analyze fuel efficiency. When they are not working, the data won’t be accurate and the check engine light will come on. It might sound complicated, but swapping out oxygen sensors is usually a quick and simple repair. If you ignore faulty oxygen sensors, you might find yourself facing higher repair costs in the future, such as a failed catalytic converter.

Air Flow Filter

Air filters in the engine are important to control contaminants moving throughout the system. They need regular replacement, which is a simple part of your vehicle’s maintenance. If air filters aren’t replaced, the check engine light may illuminate because of a faulty mass airflow sensor. This sensor communicates with computers to tell the engine how much fuel is needed based on the amount of air moving through the engine. It may fail when air filters are improperly or infrequently replaced.

At ACA Automotive, we understand the stress when your check engine light comes on, but we’re here to tell you that it may not be as bad as it seems! Before you dive into despair, consider these common and simple causes of check engine lights and remember, our certified technicians can handle any troubles your car might bring into our bay!

Written by Adam Kalb