Auto Repair

Top Benefits Of Using Ase-Certified Technicians

Award-Winning Auto Repair Services What Is An ASE-Certified Mechanic? Los Angeles County motorists rely on their cars in more ways than one. As a sprawling area, getting from location to location is only possible with a safe and reliable vehicle. That’s why you shouldn’t take your car to any run-of-the-mill mechanic when it comes to […]

Four Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Locks Up

Has your vehicle’s steering wheel locked up recently, but you’re unsure why? Your steering wheel can lock up due to a multitude of reasons. Our ASE-certified team of technicians at ACA Automotive, located in Long Beach, California, provides quality auto repair, including power steering. Learn four reasons why your vehicle’s steering wheel locks up. Unstable […]

How to Boost Your Fuel Efficiency

Four Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage Whether you’re headed to work or headed out for a long weekend getaway, you have to gas up to go anywhere. But with the ever-rising prices of gas, many Long Beach, California drivers are looking for ways to improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Luckily, the auto repair specialists […]

How To Start a Career in Auto Repair

Automotive Technicians are Facing a Shortage Around the Country If you’re interested in a career in auto repair, or looking for a qualified mechanic near you, find out more about this exciting career track. Discover necessary training, duties, and see where you can find a quality auto repair shop near you in Long Beach. Required […]

When to Get Brake Service

Do You Need New Brakes? We bet you knew that your car wouldn’t last forever, but it can still be hard to prepare for ongoing maintenance and repairs. ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California makes planning a little easier by giving you all the information you need to recognize when it’s time for service. Among […]

Everything You Need to Know About Car Suspension

The Suspension System Suspension refers to a system of springs, shocks, tires and more that connect the wheels to the vehicle itself, allowing independent movement of the two parts, vehicle, and wheels. Car Suspension was created to improve road handling and ride quality, as well as safety on rough roads and comfort while traveling across […]

Your Check Engine Light Shouldn’t Ruin Your Day

There are a number of things that every driver dreads for their vehicle. Of course, accidents are very scary and a real risk of being on the road. Some people fear to have a flat tire at the wrong time that leaves them stranded. But perhaps no other kind of car trouble can create as […]

Life Hacks: Riding with Fido

A dog is man’s best friend, and better yet he’s the cutest passenger to have in your car. You know your pup wants to go with you on your road trip, and it’s fun having him come along but sometimes it can be a little rough on your car and maybe even a little distracting. […]

We are an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop — ACA Automotive

AAA – American Automotive Association – was founded in 1902 with fewer than 1,000 members. Remember, back in those times, the car was in its infancy and majority of the population was still traveling by horse and buggy rather than by car. Henry Ford hadn’t even started the Ford Motor Company yet (not until 1903). […]

FAQs About Your Check Engine Light

You’re driving down the highway and your check engine light comes on. Your stomach sinks, you begin to worry what’s wrong with your car, and you think about how expensive the repair is going to be. All of these reactions are common for vehicle owners, but educating yourself on what a check engine light means, […]