When to Get Brake Service

When to Get Brake Service

Do You Need New Brakes?

We bet you knew that your car wouldn’t last forever, but it can still be hard to prepare for ongoing maintenance and repairs. ACA Automotive in Long Beach, California makes planning a little easier by giving you all the information you need to recognize when it’s time for service. Among the most important things you’ll need to maintain for your vehicle is the braking system. Your car isn’t safe without fully functional brakes! Here’s everything you need to know about brake service, including when to schedule it!

Brakes Don’t Last Forever

Brakes aren’t designed to last forever. You could say the opposite is true! Components that bear constant friction to stop your vehicle smoothly can’t be expected to perform beyond their lifespan. It’s in their design to wear out with each use. That’s why vehicle manufacturers provide an estimate for their life expectancy and when you’ll need to replace them. If you don’t know when to replace your brakes, the owner’s manual is an excellent place to check for more information.

When to Replace

Visual Inspection

There are additional ways to monitor your vehicle’s brakes for unsafe wear. You can perform a visual inspection of the components, but that might be easier with a trained eye and the wheel removed. If you don’t feel confident taking on that process by yourself, know that you can always ask a professional at ACA Automotive to inspect your brakes for you.

Warning Signs

Brakes give off a few warning signs when they are wearing dangerously low. If you know what to watch out for, you can easily catch these signs and schedule brake service before your vehicle’s safety suffers.

  1. Squeaking – If you hear squeaking or screeching when you hit the brakes, that means the brake pads are wearing low. It’s time to schedule a service soon!
  2. Grinding – If you hear grinding, that means the brake pads have completely worn out. This is a dangerous time to be driving your vehicle, as the brakes may stop functioning altogether. Contact a professional immediately!

If you suspect that you need brake service, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals in Long Beach, California. ACA Automotive is here to keep you safe on the road! We hope you can make the right call for your vehicle with this information about brake wear in mind.

Written by ACA Automotive