September 2021

Types Of Air Filters

Types of Air Filters ACA works on all makes and models There are four types of air filters that you can install in your vehicle. The knowledgeable technicians at Advanced Computer Automotive can assist you in determining the best filter for your vehicle. Paper Filters This filter does not consist of the sort of biodegradable […]

Types of Mufflers

Types of Mufflers Let ACA skilled technicians inspect your muffler The primary purpose of a vehicle’s muffler is to reduce the noise that a car engine makes while also keeping noxious fumes from entering the vehicle’s cabin. Below are several signs that you need a new muffler. If your vehicle makes loud noises even when […]

Types Of Oil

Types of Oil There are four main types of engine oil used in cars High Mileage Oil This blend is for vehicles that have been driven for a long time, typically over 75,000 miles. Today’s cars are built to run for miles and miles, but even the best engines will wear down over time. Higher […]

Understanding Your Fuel System

Understanding Your Fuel System We work on all makes and models Fuel is a lifeline for your vehicle. When problems occur with your fuel system, the highly skilled technicians at Advanced Computer Automotive (ACA) are here to diagnose and repair so that you can be back on the 405 in rush hour in no time. […]

What Is Engine Oil

What is Engine Oil Used For? Engine oil is mainly used for lubrication A car is such a mainstay of daily life (especially here in California) that it is easy to forget how complicated a machine it really is. It is a testament to a car’s craftsmanship that it doesn’t call attention to itself until […]

What Is The Difference Between Diesel And Gasoline Engines

What is the Difference Between Diesel and Gasoline Engines? how does it translate to performance With gas prices rising ever higher and alternative fuels becoming more mainstream, many vehicle owners are reexamining the gasoline engine. Its most prominent competitor is the diesel engine, and while many Americans have heard of diesel, fewer understand the differences […]

Wiper Blades

Why You Should Replace Your Wiper Blades Wiper Blade replacement at ACA An often overlooked duty of car maintenance is checking the windshield wipers and replacing them when necessary. This is most common for drivers living in dry areas with little rainfall, like right here in Southern California. (Drivers in wetter states, like Washington or […]

Tips & Tricks

Long Beach Car Care Tips Getting Help from Lakewood Auto Repair Shops Many people think that all there is to owning a car is filling it with gas, having it washed and taking it for the occasional oil change. On the contrary, having at least a basic understanding of how your car works and what […]

Tire Warning Signs

Warning Signs You Might Need New Tires We service all makes and models at ACA Your tires bear the weight of your car, and they endure all of the forces that come into play when you speed up, brake, and turn. Considering that, tires are remarkably durable. Still, with enough use they will wear down. […]

Topping Off

Why You Shouldn’t “Top Off” Your Gas ACA explains the harmful effects of topping off your gas It’s something we all do: You’re at the gas station, you set the gas pump at automatic, you let it fill up the car until it’s done, and then you squirt in a little bit more. It’s a […]

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