Four Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Locks Up

Four Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Locks Up

Has your vehicle’s steering wheel locked up recently, but you’re unsure why? Your steering wheel can lock up due to a multitude of reasons. Our ASE-certified team of technicians at ACA Automotive, located in Long Beach, California, provides quality auto repair, including power steering. Learn four reasons why your vehicle’s steering wheel locks up.

Unstable Steering

Does your steering feel unstable, or does it jerk? Loose steering components, including drag link, ends, damaged tie rod ends, loose steering U-joints, and worn tie rod ball joints, can cause unstable steering. Whenever you notice your car is difficult to steer, take it to a mechanic in a local auto repair shop as soon as possible. Usually, they are inexpensive and quick to replace if you don’t ignore the first warning signs.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Low air pressure in your tires can cause your steering wheel to vibrate while you turn corners. Adding more air to your tires helps to distribute the vehicle’s weight. Take your car to get routine auto repair and maintenance, and adding more air to your tires can stop it from vibrating.

Loose Steering Wheel

Excessive caster angle, in addition to excessive positive camber due to worn ball joints, damaged or worn steering components, can cause your steering wheel to shimmy whenever you hit bumps at high speeds. A loose steering wheel is noticeable when the front end of your car drops down, and your entire vehicle will shake.

Bad Shocks

If your suspension system’s shock absorbers are worn, they won’t be able to handle additional weight. If your vehicle’s shocks are bad, a mechanic can replace them with new springs to fix this issue.

Fix Steering Issues With Affordable Auto Repair

Don’t ignore steering problems because steering problems can be serious. Your vehicle should drive smoothly and safely. At ACA Automotive, located in Long Beach, California, our certified technicians provide high-quality auto repair on all makes and models of vehicles to ensure our customers feel comfortable while driving. If you have problems with your power steering system, brakes, or transmission, our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostics tools to provide you with superior auto repair.

Written by ACA Automotive