How To Start a Career in Auto Repair

How To Start a Career in Auto Repair

Automotive Technicians are Facing a Shortage Around the Country

If you’re interested in a career in auto repair, or looking for a qualified mechanic near you, find out more about this exciting career track. Discover necessary training, duties, and see where you can find a quality auto repair shop near you in Long Beach.

Required Training

While no training is required to start working as an automotive technician, the most qualified technicians and mechanics are ASE certified. Technicians can receive an associate’s degree in automotive technology to further their technical training.

For a position at a leading auto shop, you need on-the-job training. This allows you to become familiar with common automotive issues, tools, and different makes and models of vehicles.

Some mechanics go on to further training, but some of the most effective training is on the job. Mechanics and automotive technicians must be familiar with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, as well as the latest diagnostic and repair tools. If you’re not familiar with some of the tools and equipment used to perform high-end repairs, stop by a local automotive shop to see leading professionals in action.

Common Duties

From diagnosing complex issues to performing basic maintenance tasks, technicians perform a wide range of repairs on vehicles. If you’re considering a career as an automotive technician, you can enjoy a hands-on career working intimately with all types of vehicles.

Some technicians specialize in a particular type of automotive repair. For example, you could specialize as a tire technician, transmission technician, or air conditioning repair technician. These specialized positions are less common, but allow you to perfect a smaller set of complicated tasks rather than working on all types of automotive issues.

Where to Find a Premium Auto Repair Shop

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