Car Radiator Repair

Car Radiator Repair in Long Beach, California

Professional Radiator Maintenance Services

The radiator is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It allows your vehicle’s engine to stay cool by pumping a mixture of water and coolant through a series of tubes into the engine. Once this has gone through the engine, it then flows back into the radiator where the fan cools the heated mixture and the process is repeated. Because a radiator is made out of mostly metal, a number of factors can cause your radiator to crack, namely time, moisture, and improper maintenance. A cracked radiator can cause your vehicle to overheat, ultimately leading to significant — and often catastrophic — damage to your car's engine. If you start to notice that your vehicle is overheating, bring ACA Automotive and let our Long Beach radiator repair specialists take a look. In many cases, proper maintenance or a minor repair can cut down the possibility of a major repair to the radiator or engine.

Common Problems

There are a number of components that can lead to a radiator problem. If the radiator is not properly maintained and flushed, it can corrode over time. A bad thermostat can also lead to overheating. Because the thermostat regulates the release of coolant into the tubes, if it is not registering properly, it can either release too much coolant or not enough. Extreme cold can also cause damage to your radiator. If proper coolant levels are not maintained, the mixture in your radiator can freeze, causing cracks in your radiator. At Advanced Computer Automotive we specialize in automotive repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of automobiles, domestic and foreign. We can evaluate your radiator and determine whether it needs to be maintained or if a significant repair is necessary. Our technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and you will be given a fair quote.

We Repair Radiators

When you choose Advanced Computer Automotive for your Long Beach radiator repairs, you will have the satisfaction of knowing the job will be done right, and the pleasure of experiencing the best customer service in the industry. We'll make sure your radiator is properly maintained with necessary flushes as well as adding coolant. We'll also ensure that all hoses are in working order to protect against leaks. Properly maintaining your radiator can save you thousands of dollars down the line in repair bills caused by your engine overheating. Let us show you what we have been showing vehicle owners in Long Beach, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, and Wilmington for years. Make your appointment through our online scheduling tool or by giving us a call at 562-421-1905!