September 2021

Transmission Warning Signs

Warning Signs You Might Need Transmission Repairs We work on all makes and models Your car’s transmission moves the power generated by the engine to the drive wheels. Problems with your transmission can lead to serious issues, so here are a few symptoms of a troubled transmission. There are two types of transmissions, manual (or […]

Types Of ABS Systems

Types of ABS Systems ACA works on all makes and models Most people are familiar with the term “anti-lock brakes” or ABS. However, a much smaller percentage is aware that there are three types of ABS available. Four Channel, Four Sensor The four-channel, four-sensor ABS system allocates a different valve for each wheel and also […]

Identifying Engine Sounds

Car Sounds What They Mean Your car is not just a machine, it is a group of machines all working in tandem. As such, there are several distinct sounds and smells that arise when one or more of these machines breaks down. This article deals with odd sounds; for odd smells, read the companion article, […]

Rebuilding An Engine

Rebuilding an Engine We Work On All Makes and Models You’re probably thinking that rebuilding an engine isn’t cheap. Well, it’s not. But there are some notable benefits to rebuilding your engine over purchasing a new car. First, it depends on how worn down your current engine is and how much damage it has sustained. […]

Routine Car Services

At What Mileage Should You Have Various Services Performed? We Work On All Makes and Models Here in Southern California, chances are your car is a vital part of daily life. We use our cars to get just about everywhere, and the stop and go traffic can really take a toll on a car. Having […]


Car Stalling Problems Long Beach ACA can diagnose your stalling problems Stalled Engine – A stalled automobile engine is extremely inconvenient, plus it can cause unnecessary wear to your car and pose danger. It can inhibit the flow of traffic creating a dangerous condition that may cause an accident. Diagnosing the cause of a stalling […]

The ACA Code of Ethics

The ACA Code of Ethics A Gold Standard based on the Golden Rule We here at Advanced Computer Automotive have a code of ethics that we apply to ourselves and our interactions with our customers, a gold standard based on the golden rule: Treat others how you’d like to be treated. We hope to even […]

The Break In Period Part 2

The Break-In Period: Part 2 ACA works on all makes and models It doesn’t matter if you have a luxury sedan or a one-and-a-half-door hand-me-down, your car is a marvel of engineering. One may be a bit more dependable than the other, but that has less to do with its make and model than you […]

The Break In Period Part 1

The Break-In Period: Part 1 Two easy steps for the break-in period If you buy a new pair of shoes, they’ll take some time before they fit your feet just right. And as any young baseball player knows, a glove isn’t going to work properly until you’ve softened the leather. It may seem strange, but […]

Identifying Tire Wear

How to Recognize Different Kinds of Tire Wear ACA Can Service All Makes and Models Your tires are amazingly durable. You rely on them every day and yet few drivers even give them a second thought. If you experience a bumpier ride than usual or your handling feels off, it may not be an issue […]