Coolant Changes

Coolant Changes & Radiator Flushes Long Beach When The Time Comes, Let ACA Take Care of Coolant Changes For You Most drivers know that a vehicle’s oil should be changed about every 3,000 miles. Drivers are less knowledgeable, however, about when to change the other fluids in their cars. For the cooling system, antifreeze manufacturers […]

Cracked Engine Block

Cracked Engine Block ACA Technicians Work On All Makes and Models If there’s one rule when it comes to engines, it’s “Be cool.” California is home to plenty of cool drivers, but cracking an engine block? Not cool. And when a driver does crack an engine block, it’s usually their own fault (really not cool). […]

Cruise Control

Cruise Control Repairs Long Beach CA Our ASE Certified Technicians Are Trained To Perform All Of The Necessary Repairs Today’s vehicles are equipped with intelligent vehicle control systems which are able to self-manage many of their own operations. One such innovation is your car’s cruise control device. What is cruise control? Cruise control is a […]

Dead Batteries

Dead Battery Long Beach Get Back On The Road Quickly With ACA There is never a good time to have a dead battery. The trouble is that in most cases, you never get any really good warning signs before your battery decides to call it a day. There are a number of reasons why batteries […]

Does Your Car Need A Tune Up

When Does Your Car Need a Tune Up? ACA Works On All Makes and Models True or false: You should only bring your car in for service when something is wrong. This would be false The key to having a well-maintained car that does not leave you stranded on the side of the I-5 during […]

Emergency Kit Essentials

Essentials For Roadside Emergency Kit Tips from ACA for Roadside Emergency Kits You can’t always control what happens to your car. Flat tires, dead batteries, and collisions can happen to even the most cautious drivers. What you can do is make sure that you are prepared for those situations. A good roadside emergency kit can […]

Engine Misfires

Engine Misfires Long Beach What To look for when an engine misfire Throughout Southern California, vehicle owners rely on their cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on a daily basis. Driving conditions put a lot of pressure on your vehicle’s engine and other components. Even when you follow a scheduled maintenance routine for your vehicle, heavy […]

Gas Mileage Tips

More Tips to Improve Gas Mileage Common Misconceptions The quality of the gas you put in your car depends on more than just your octane rating. There are many gas stations out there and some have more stringent standards than others. There are three things to bear in mind when choosing your gas station: 1) […]

Gas Mileage

Improving Fuel Mileage Long Beach ACA Helps Motorists Get The Most Out Of Their Vehicle California motorists have been paying some of the highest fuel prices in the nation for years. Additionally with the amount of traffic on Southern California roadways, gas mileage becomes an even greater concern. If you believe your vehicle is experiencing […]

AC Problems

More Problems with Car Air Conditioning ACA — Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Problems Once upon a time A/C was considered a luxury, but these days it comes standard in just about every car in America. It’s such a natural thing to reach for that knob, especially during the summer, that when anything but refreshing air […]